About Us
  MRI Construction Inc.
1078 Concord Street, Franklin Square, New York 11010
Phone 516.488-0825, Fax 516.488-4104

MRI Construction, Inc., evolved from a company started in 1980 by Michael Galand, President.  The Company expanded within several years into a multi million dollar general contracting corporation with a small business foundation and philosophy to provide trustworthy, accountable, excellent renovation and construction services to clients.
            As the Company’s projects accumulated, we embarked on a search for more challenging ventures.  We looked to utilize all accrued knowledge and experience to cultivate and expend our relationships and client base.  Our efforts were directed towards conceptualizing a construction project, completing it on a timely basis and on various budgets with our objectives remaining intact.  
            Recently, as a General Contracting company, we have been awarded exclusive contracts remodeling showrooms and warehouses for several well known companies in the greater New York area.  We have completed constructing several residential projects in the tri state area.  We maintain our commitment to quality construction by being environmentally   conscious.
            MRI Construction, Inc. is a mature and experienced company.  Our objective remains to provide innovative, versatile, trustworthy construction and consulting services that will accommodate our clients’ many diverse needs.  MRI Construction, Inc. provides all general contracting services as well as consulting services on any construction project.